Centri Solarium in Ticino

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Safety & Quality

The use of the solarium is prohibited for minors under the age of 18.

The tanning equipment present in our centers is subjected to rigorous periodic checks.

Scheduled maintenance carries out systematic checks on the cleanliness of the filters and the efficiency of the lamps, allowing you to always use our machinery with maximum safety and maximum performance.

Before exposing yourself to UV rays it is important to receive information that you can read on our posters.

Megasun 7900 Alpha Deluxe

FORTE type tanning machine

The six special p2 tubes are the heart of the Megasun 7900 Alpha Deluxe tanning bed as they emit an EXTRA amount of UVB, which have the benefits of a perfect tan, and bio-positive effects thanks to the synthesis of vitamin D , giving at the same time a delicate feeling of security even on the most sensitive skin. Plus 40 powerful Ruby-Collagen Boosters deliver a hydration boost that revitalizes, relaxes and detoxifies the skin .

Silky smooth skin is guaranteed!

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